Michael Hutchence & Tim Farriss

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inxs PRINT 11x13.75.jpg

Michael Hutchence & Tim Farriss



DATE: April 11, 1997
LOCATION: Sutton Place Hotel
TOUR: Elegantly Wasted Publicity Tour
DESCRIPTION:  I had the immense fortune of conducting two photo-shoots with Michael Hutchence; this one with Tim Farriss is from April 11, 1997. Michael and Tim were in Toronto doing publicity for their newly released, Elegantly Wasted album and I was deployed to the Sutton Place Hotel to make a portrait of them. I don't have the space here to expand on the details of the shoot but let me tell you, Michael and Tim were exceptionally kind and accommodating. 
My second shoot (which I'll post another day) was on September 25, 1997. With me, I brought a print of the image you see here to show Michael; he loved it, graciously signed it and asked if I could send him a copy. Of course, I said, "Yes!" and he scrawled down an Australian address. On November 21, 1997, I made my way down to Toronto Image Works, exposed the photo paper only to find out that the black and white processor was in need of repair. So, I packaged the exposed paper into a light safe box and trudged home. Early the next morning my phone rang and it was my friend Alessio calling from London, UK to tell me the unbelievably sad news that Michael Hutchence had died earlier that day. Honestly, and to this day, I still think Michael Hutchence is one of the most charismatic frontmen in rock and roll. That very day, November 22, 1997 I went back to the darkroom, I processed the print and in the hope that it made it to his family or bandmates I promptly sent it off to the address Michael gave to me.
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